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Our Needs

Funding for 2017

We are in need of funding to get us through the lean times in the coming year.  We find we are able to convert every dollar spent on direct and indirect costs into $6 worth of food.  We do this largely by identifying significant sources of donated food within our geographical area - and transporting it to the Food Bank for distribution to clients.   In order to do this we need to maintain a warehouse, 2 trucks, equipment and a small staff year round, all of which requires on-going funding. 

Healthy FoodsHealthy_Food_2.jpg

We are always striving to improve the over-all nutritional value of the food we distribute to our clients.  Right now we're especially interested in obtaining funding so that we can provide more high-protein foods such as a can of tuna or chicken or a jar of peanut butter on a weekly basis. 


Our generous and dedicated volunteers supply over half of the person-hours it takes to run the Food Bank.  Please consider paying us a visit to see if volunteering at the Food Bank might appeal to you!  Volunteers pack food bags, serve clients, sort and re-pack foods, assist in the kitchen, help keep the Food Bank clean, assist in the office and perform a myriad of tasks according to their talents and preferences.  We welcome folks who donate as few as two or three hours a week of their time - or more!.

 Grocery Bags

Please bring us your used paper and plastic grocery bags - re-usable bags too!

This saves money for our food budget and helps the environment too!

This is a great learning project for a school classroom or scout troop.  Kids learn about organizing a project, charitable giving and caring for the environment.

Also, it's a natural for any people who meet on a regular basis to collectively gather and contribute bags to the Food Bank - bags that they would otherwise discard.  Perfect for the workplace, neighborhood, church, book club, sports team, community choir, or extended family.

We're encouraging our clients to bring re-usable bags - but we still need paper or grocery bags to meet our needs.  Unlike grocery stores it is not appropriate for us to charge our clients for grocery bags, so we will always have to have some paper or plastic bags on hand.  

Fresh Garden Produce

We'd be thrilled to have any of your extra garden vegetables and fruit from your backyard fruit trees.  Our clients especially appreciate local homegrown produce because it is so fresh and because it is usually grown without pesticides.






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